Biden Prime Shipping

A Biden victory is a victory for Iran and their nuclear ambitions.

King Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo is already trying to blame New York residents if there’s another spike in the state.


As the chances of new lockdowns seem likely, it’s once again getting harder to find necessities.

800-Pound Gorilla

The same people who promoted the Russian collusion hoax since 2016 want us to ignore all the evidence of voter fraud in 2020.


Democrats say they want unity, but what they really want is submission.

Eye Exam

There has been widespread allegations of voter fraud in battleground states.


The results of the election aren’t fully in yet, but one thing is for sure: pollsters lost big time.


Is a red wave coming on Election Day? Are they all going to laugh at Democrats?


Some not-too-bright liberals didn’t know what Trump meant in the last debate when he talked about ‘coyotes.’

For Sale

Emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop show he was selling influence to his dad.

Cuomo Book Tour

Andrew Cuomo had the worst response to COVID-19 of anyone, and his new book on leadership in the pandemic just came out.

Never Trumpers

Can Never Trumpers even claim to be conservatives anymore? They don’t sound conservative to me.

Debate Buzz

After being disappointed in the first presidential debate, the media couldn’t shut up about the fly that landed on Mike Pence during the vice-presidential debate.