Regardless of whether you believe the 2020 election was stolen, violence is not the solution.

Memory Hole

Democrats are trying to destroy his legacy, and ultimately want to erase Trump from history.


What would Honest Abe think about where we are as a nation today?


Raphael Warnock is a terrible human being who has no business being in the U.S. Senate.

Not Again…

Andrew Yang thinks we should have bar codes as proof of vaccination. What’s next? Segregating those who haven’t been vaccinated?

The Grinch

Dr. Fauci doesn’t want you having big plans for Christmas. Are you going to listen?

Conspiracy Theorist

After four years of claiming (without evidence) that the 2016 election was hacked and Trump colluded with Russia to steal it, the left thinks voter fraud is a conspiracy theory.


The media suddenly acknowledges that Hunter Biden is under investigation. Should Joe Biden be worried?


The Supreme Court refused to hear the Texas election lawsuit. So much for election integrity.

New York Surge

Andrew Cuomo, who sent thousands of elderly people to their deaths with his nursing home policy, is blaming New Yorkers for the surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

And The Emmy Goes To…

Andrew Cuomo, who has the worst record of anyone in the fight against COVID-19, literally received an Emmy Award for his “leadership” during the pandemic.