Senator Joe Manchin is standing in the way of the Democrats’ blatant power grabs.


The Biden administration is throwing money at a problem they have no interest in fixing

Man Made?

The debate over whether COVID-19 was naturally occurring or man-made is finally being had… after a year of the latter being deemed a conspiracy theory.

Fully Vaccinated

If you can “identify” as a woman when you are a man, why can’t you identify as fully vaccinated?

Rand Paul

Rand Paul says that he has natural immunity from having COVID-19 already, and doesn’t need the vaccine yet.


Democrats repeatedly have shown a lack of commitment to Israel and its people.


Fauci keeps talking nonsense and Biden is none the wiser about anything.


Senator Tim Scott was the subject of many racist attacks from the left following his response to Joe Biden’s State of the Union.

Election Audit

Democrats are so sure that the 2020 election was legitimate, but don’t want an audit to prove it.