Does pro-abortion Joe Biden really think he can siphon evangelical votes away from Trump?


BLM protesters don’t seem to have any standards for what memorials and statues they want to tear down.

Demented Circus

Today’s cartoon making fun of Seattle’s CHAZ is a parody of the long-running comic strip Family Circus.


Anarchists have “taken over” several blocks of Seattle, proving… what, exactly?

Systemic Racism

Biden says he’ll tackle systemic racism as president, but he has been in government for decades.

Road To Recovery

Democrats are exploiting the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus by putting socialist agenda items in relief bills.


Andrew Cuomo sent thousands to their deaths in his state, but he won’t accept blame for it.

Official Portrait

Barack Obama is refusing to participate in the White House ceremony for the unveiling of his official portrait.


Evidence suggests Barack Obama was involved in the railroading of Michael Flynn.