Polls show Biden ahead, but we’ve heard this story before. Can we believe the polls?

Who’s Sick?

An astonishing number of Democrats are “happy” about Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, and wish for his demise.


Some people seem to be forgetting that RBG was not the first woman on the Supreme Court.

Done with the Debate

Chris Wallace’s performance has been panned from both sides of the aisle, particularly from the right, who say he was helping Biden.


Biden may or may not have been wearing an electronic earpiece, but we know where his agenda comes from.

Tight Lid

Joe Biden has “called a lid” on public events many times this month. What is going on?


Trump has picked Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court.

Row Over Rowling

The perpetually triggered left don’t like that JK Rowling’s latest novel features a cross-dressing killer.

Peace Prize Politics

Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for achieving a peace agreement between Israel and the UAE. But he’ll never win the politicized prize.

Hot Air

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think the rules apply to her, and she got caught.

We Deliver

Universal mail-in voting will be a disaster and make the election vulnerable to fraud.

GOP Convention

The first night featured compelling speeches from black Trump supporters destroying the narrative that blacks belong to the left.

Grim Fairy Tales

Andrew Cuomo had the worst response to the coronavirus in the entire world, but he’s written a book about how great he is.