Row Over Rowling

The perpetually triggered left don’t like that JK Rowling’s latest novel features a cross-dressing killer.

Peace Prize Politics

Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for achieving a peace agreement between Israel and the UAE. But he’ll never win the politicized prize.

Hot Air

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think the rules apply to her, and she got caught.

We Deliver

Universal mail-in voting will be a disaster and make the election vulnerable to fraud.

GOP Convention

The first night featured compelling speeches from black Trump supporters destroying the narrative that blacks belong to the left.

Grim Fairy Tales

Andrew Cuomo had the worst response to the coronavirus in the entire world, but he’s written a book about how great he is.

Full of Crap

Dr. Fauci praised New York’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, undermining his credibility.


Cuomo’s new rules have restaurants and bars in New York coming up with clever workarounds.


Mayor de Blasio made a politically motivated exception to his ban on large gatherings.


Does pro-abortion Joe Biden really think he can siphon evangelical votes away from Trump?


BLM protesters don’t seem to have any standards for what memorials and statues they want to tear down.

Demented Circus

Today’s cartoon making fun of Seattle’s CHAZ is a parody of the long-running comic strip Family Circus.


Anarchists have “taken over” several blocks of Seattle, proving… what, exactly?