COVID Origins

Will China ever let us determine the true origins of COVID?

Man Made?

The debate over whether COVID-19 was naturally occurring or man-made is finally being had… after a year of the latter being deemed a conspiracy theory.

Fully Vaccinated

If you can “identify” as a woman when you are a man, why can’t you identify as fully vaccinated?

Rand Paul

Rand Paul says that he has natural immunity from having COVID-19 already, and doesn’t need the vaccine yet.

Welcome to Texas

Texas has been open without a mask mandate for a month, but there’s been no surge in COVID-19 cases.


Many are calling out Joe Biden’s COVID-19 response plan as being basically the same as Trump’s.

Not Again…

Andrew Yang thinks we should have bar codes as proof of vaccination. What’s next? Segregating those who haven’t been vaccinated?

New York Surge

Andrew Cuomo, who sent thousands of elderly people to their deaths with his nursing home policy, is blaming New Yorkers for the surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

And The Emmy Goes To…

Andrew Cuomo, who has the worst record of anyone in the fight against COVID-19, literally received an Emmy Award for his “leadership” during the pandemic.


As the chances of new lockdowns seem likely, it’s once again getting harder to find necessities.

Cuomo Book Tour

Andrew Cuomo had the worst response to COVID-19 of anyone, and his new book on leadership in the pandemic just came out.

Who’s Sick?

An astonishing number of Democrats are “happy” about Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, and wish for his demise.

Hot Air

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think the rules apply to her, and she got caught.

Grim Fairy Tales

Andrew Cuomo had the worst response to the coronavirus in the entire world, but he’s written a book about how great he is.

Full of Crap

Dr. Fauci praised New York’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, undermining his credibility.


Cuomo’s new rules have restaurants and bars in New York coming up with clever workarounds.