In The News: Lindsey Graham

From the New York Post:

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Thursday lashed out at the House impeachment inquiry, dismissing testimony from the acting US ambassador to Ukraine as “hearsay” and introducing a resolution condemning the House impeachment inquiry.

“Did he talk to the president? Oh. That’s hearsay,” the Republican and President Trump loyalist said about testimony earlier this week from William Taylor.

Taylor, a 50-year public servant and decorated US Army officer who served in Vietnam, told lawmakers that other administration officials told him that Trump had demanded that Ukraine open investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden and the 2016 election before he’d authorize the release of military aid and invite President Volodymyr Zelensky to the White House.

“I’ve got nothing against Bill Taylor. It’s the process. You’re asking me do I believe something based on a statement that hasn’t been tested. Until we get the full picture, I think — I said this yesterday, I think it’s hard to draw any conclusions,” Graham said of Taylor’s 15-page opening statement.