In The News: Tara Reade

From PJ Media:

It has been more than a month since Tara Reade, a former Senate staffer for Joe Biden, came forward with sexual assault accusations against him, claiming he digitally penetrated her in the halls of Congress. Biden’s campaign has denied the allegations, but the presidential candidate himself has so far refused to respond to them. Andrea Powell, a leader in the campaign against human trafficking across the world, issued a powerful statement condemning Biden for his silence.

“We deserve to have a President that does not assault women and who takes such claims seriously because sexual assault is a violent crime. If you cannot address one woman with integrity, can you run a country with it? Tara Reade deserves a real response,” Andrea Powell, founding president of the nonprofit Karana Rising, declared in a statement on Thursday.

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  1. Roger du rocher

    Tara Reade has no credibility and keeps changing her version of facts it is ridiculous. And she tweeted Biden was so great as long as a year or so ago… She is a con artist for sure. And a Putin admirer, probably paid by the Russians. She has even stolen money from a non-profit organization she worked for… Strange strange lady…
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