In The News: Mike Flynn

From CBS News:

FBI Director Christopher Wray has ordered the bureau to conduct an after-action review of the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, the FBI announced Friday.

The review will evaluate the conduct of current employees and whether it merits punishment, as well as any policy improvements needed in light of Flynn’s case. The review comes after the Justice Department dropped its case against Flynn, even though Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. 

“The after-action review will have a two-fold purpose: (1) evaluate the relevant facts related to the FBI’s role in the Flynn investigation and determine whether any current employees engaged in misconduct, and (2)  evaluate any FBI policies, procedures, or controls implicated by the Flynn investigation and identify any improvements that might be warranted,” the FBI said in a statement provided to CBS News. 

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  1. Nobody of Import

    As an observation, just because you plead guilty doesn’t lead to BEING guilty. There is a difference and we should highlight that in things like this…


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