When the transcript of the phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelenksy was released, many of read it, and reread it, and read it again, looking for the smoking gun that Trump had threatened to without military aid unless Zelenksy investigated Joe Biden and son.

It wasn’t there.

After putting their hopes that the Mueller investigation would be the end of Trump’s presidency, it was clear that this was another swing and a miss.

I think Senator Lindsay Graham’s reaction pretty much nailed it:

But, Democrats had counted on a big smoking gun, so when the transcript was released and there was no “there” there, they had to pretend there was. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff even claimed, “The notes of the call reflect a conversation far more damning than I or many others had imagined.”


No one really believes the transcript was worse than they expected. But, that’s the narrative they clearly had chosen. But it doesn’t change the fact the transcript is a real nothing-burger.

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