Last week, the Big Sky Conference named a male runner as the female NCAA cross-country athlete of the week. Jonathan “June” Eastwood previously competed with the men, but now identifies as female, and, upon “transitioning” competes on the women’s team. His best times in competitions on the men’s team were faster than longstanding women’s records.

This is a terrible injustice to the girls he competes against, and yet, he’s celebrated for it.

Across America, girls’ competitive sports are being infiltrated by boys who “identify” as girls and then proceed to crush the competition.

In Connecticut, two high school boys who identify as girls have repeatedly dominated in statewide track meets, robbing girls of opportunities they’ve worked for years to achieve.

A man who identifies as a woman also dominated at the Masters Track Cycling World Championships in England.

This isn’t right.

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  1. Crazy. Thanks for sharing. I’m gay and even I would never approve of transgender women competing with other women in track. Not fair. I did track in high school and if I completed with the girls, I would’ve won 3 state gold medals. But on the men’s side I couldn’t even get a college track scholarship. This isn’t to say that men are superior in all athletic events—women are better at gymnastics, diving, yoga, etc.—but most sports are strength/speed based and men are superior there. It’s sad that people are trying to separate biology from gender. Hope enough people will reason with the keyboard warriors promoting this stuff


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