Happy Halloween! Impeachment inquiry vote happens today.

House Democrats are bracing for a stark party-line vote Thursday on the impeachment inquiry against President Trump that will highlight the partisan nature of the probe and give him fresh ammunition to argue that he is being railroaded.

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries said he didn’t know if his side can garner any Republican support in the vote to formally set the process for an inquiry that has been racing forward for more than a month.

“Every member of the House of Representatives tomorrow will have to decide, ‘Are we going to put principle over party, the Constitution over corruption and democracy over dereliction of duty?’” Mr. Jeffries told reporters. “I expect the overwhelming majority of Democrats are going to support this resolution and it’s going to pass.”

Democrats appeared to abandon hope of securing GOP defectors for the vote, as Republicans closed ranks ahead of the first test of the push to punish Mr. Trump for prodding the Ukraine president to investigate corruption involving former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, a political rival, and his son Hunter.

There are quite a few Democrats who won in pro-Trump districts who will have a tough choice to make.

This Congress has earned a unique distinction of having approved more subpoenas than have written laws.

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