From Salon:

Sen. Bernie Sanders said Sunday that his plan to finance Medicare for All is “much more progressive” than the pay-for released last week by his 2020 Democratic presidential rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who called for a head tax on employers and new levies on the wealthy as key parts of her proposal to fund a comprehensive single-payer system.

In an interview with ABC News, Sanders warned Warren’s proposed head tax — which she terms an “employer Medicare contribution” — could harm workers’ wages and suppress job growth.

“I think that that would probably have a very negative impact on creating those jobs, or providing wages, increased wages and benefits for those workers,” Sanders said. “So I think we have a better way, which is a 7.5% payroll tax, which is far more, I think, progressive, because it’ll not impact employers of low-wage workers but hit significantly employers of upper-income people.”

Senator Warren has come under fire after releasing her Medicare for All plan, which she says will cost $52 trillion, and claiming she can pay for it without raising taxes on the middle class. SPOILER ALERT: she can’t.

Sadly, this is the kind of debate happening in the Democratic Party right now. Medicare for all, free college, student debt forgiveness, universal child care… they’re debating about having everything funded by “the government” and expecting the public to believe that everything in our lives can be subsidized without paying more in taxes.

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