Pushing Buttons

It seems like the left couldn’t help themselves in presenting any criticisms of Lt. Col. Vindman or any attempts to poke holes in his testimony during the impeachment hearings as being anti-veteran.

Will Goodwin the director of government relations for a left-wing veterans group called VoteVets, said “It is disgusting that Donald Trump’s allies have attacked a wounded warrior… Lt. Col. Vindman is a Purple Heart recipient, who put his life on the line for America.”

The Washington Post ran an article called “Trump and his allies attack Purple Heart recipient to defend against impeachment.”

If people who served in the military are automatically above reproach, and those who criticize them unpatriotic, how do you explain John McCain not winning in a landslide in 2008? John McCain was a war hero and prisoner of war, and while I disagreed with him politically, particularly in the last years of his political career, he was a hundred thousands times a better man and human being than Barack Obama, yet the same people who argue now Lt. Col. Vindman shouldn’t be questioned or criticized today were more than happy to call John McCain a racist, unpatriotic, etc. etc. because it helped them justify voting for an unqualified community organizer who could read well off a teleprompter.

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