Democrats have dreamed of impeaching Trump since he was first elected, and they finally got their House in line to do it. Not a single Republican joined them in their vote. Democrats think they’ve won the battle because they got that black mark, the proverbial asterisk, on his record.

But have they, really?

“To be one of only three impeached presidents in American history, even if you are not convicted by the Senate, is to know an asterisk will be forever attached to your presidency, your offenses prominently recorded,” wrote Ezra Klein at Vox back in September. “It’s a humiliation for you and a warning to your successors.”

Considering Trump’s inevitable acquittal in the Senate, the proverbial asterisk has likely been the Democrats’ goal all along. To them, they wanted to permanently blemish his record for the history books, because everyone knows just how humiliating it is to be impeached, right?

Just ask Bill Clinton.

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