Peaceful Protest

From RedState:

If you saw any of the coverage prior to today’s gun rights rally in Virginia, which took place to protest new (largely unconstitutional) gun control laws passed in the state, there was a common theme.

Whether it was CNN, MSNBC, the alphabet networks, or any number of liberal newspapers, they all presented the rally as a coming moment of doom. Numerous claims of the rally being for “white nationalists” and “militias” peppered the media sphere. Reports of possible violence were pushed despite very little evidence to support them.

Then the disappointment came.

Like a kid having his toys stolen on Christmas, the mainstream media gave a collective groan and realized they wouldn’t have an incident to play up for months to further erode the 2nd Amendment. If you perused Twitter prior, there were comparisons to the rally becoming like Charlottesville being made by outlets like The New York Times. They were practically begging for something to happen.

But it didn’t, because that’s not what gun ownership is all about.

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