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From Townhall:

A few days ago, NBC News reporter Peter Alexander accused President Trump of offering Americans a “false sense of hope” in the midst of the Wuhan virus pandemic. Trump noted, rightfully, that Alexander was a terrible reporter who seemed more interested in promoting panic rather than balanced optimism over potential treatments that could be effective against COVID-19. In Alexander’s defense, there are a lot of terrible reporters. 

A drug known as (hydroxy)chloroquine, for example, has been used for decades to treat malaria and anecdotal evidence suggests the drug may also be effective at treating COVID-19. The drug is approved by the FDA to treat other ailments and sufferers of the coronavirus could begin receiving the drug, the reasoning goes, in case the preliminary data is correct and the drug is an effective treatment for COVID-19. 

Of course, when Trump touts the potential treatment the media accuses him of giving Americans a “false sense of hope.” But when Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York has acquired 70,000 units of hydroxychloroquine and 750,000 units of chloroquine, the media hail the governor for his leadership. 

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