Hard To Swallow

From PJ Media:

Reports are in: Hydroxychloroquine is saving lives and President Donald Trump deserves praise for advocating the malaria drug as a potential cure for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. A small study in France laid the groundwork for using the drug in treatment. Doctors and patients across America have reported positive results, despite constant naysaying from left-leaning media outlets.

On Monday, Democratic Michigan state Rep. Karen Whitsett credited President Trump with effectively saving her life. She suffered from COVID-19 but recovered after taking the drug. “If President Trump had not talked about it, it would not be something that’s accessible” in Michigan, she told Fox News, due to “an order that was put down in my state.” Indeed, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.) initially threatened physicians who would offer the drug to coronavirus patients — before reversing herself and even requesting the malaria drug from the Trump administration.

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  1. Andrew Pearce

    The Chinese sent out a report around January 25 that chloroquine was effective. We had 1 case in the USA at that point. Not too long after others found that adding zinc made it work much faster.

    The instant President Trump said he had high hopes for it, it became anathema to the Left. These “dangerous untested” drugs – in common use for decades by tens of millions – were going to kill us all!!! Better to let millions die than to get behind the President, even during a global emergency?

    All those messages of unity and “we stand together” are just blather to them. Dems did not put aside the hate or the lies or the politic junk for a second. The enemy MS has dialed up the panic to 11 and blames Trump for everything. And slowly we find out how much they’re bought off by China. Deep State FDA/CDC really dropped the ball with early testing, early inflexibility with “off label”, then with the masks issue, and now we learn their SOP is to lie like mad about the death counts. Meanwhile, shut down the greatest world economy that ever was, and bring down heavy government control on everyone. Don’t even leave your house!! South Korea, Japan, and Sweden have not gone this route, and are fairing just fine thank you. Coincidence that these are 3 of the most monolithic, patriotic, educated, and responsible countries around?


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