Planet of the Coronavirus

From CBS Chicago:

Many weeks into the coronavirus crisis and the toilet paper shortage shows no signs of letting up.

It’s a type of situation that needs a whole lot of toilet paper, which seems to constantly be missing in stores; and, unless you can wait, often unavailable online.

Eric Abercrombie, spokesman for Angel Soft manufacturer Georgia-Pacific, tried to explain why demand is still so high, so many weeks after the start of the pandemic.

“Obviously people need to be, you know, in at the house. They need to stay at home,” he said.

So people are using much more retail bath tissue at home, rather than taking care of their business at work, where a whole different kind of toilet paper is used.

Georgia-Pacific already made retail toilet paper 24/7 before the virus outbreak, but upped the ante a few weeks ago in response to the increased demand.

“We’ve got production facilities breaking records. We’re actually producing 1.5 million more rolls a day,” he said.

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