Rough Seas

From USA Today:

As several states start to see a surge in COVID-19 cases since reopening, Ohio has not.

Ohio has gradually lifted its stay-at-home order over the past six weeks. The result: a plateau in newly reported cases and a decline in hospitalizations, both reported and estimates of people currently hospitalized. The trend in New York is also looking good right now.

Florida, meanwhile, has had a noteworthy increase. Critics are saying Gov. Ron DeSantis is letting the outbreak get out of control but he is attributing the rise to more testing among low-risk individuals. He says he won’t roll back reopening efforts.

CNN takes it a step further. They talked to an expert who said the state has the makings of becoming the “next large epicenter.”

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  1. Andrew Pearce

    CNN’s medical guy Sanjay Gupta is an idiot. “Gupta, however, disagrees with the governor’s claim, saying an increase in testing should cause cases to decrease.

    “As you increase testing, case counts should go down, not up,” Gupta said.”

    Um, no. The more you test, the more you find. The more you find, the bigger your numbers are. Duh.

    Now, if FL were to do something bold, like keep a count of asymptomatic cases found, then the argument would be settled. And if they pushed that their testing was open to anyone, without prescription, without meeting the laundry list of symptoms, that would be even better. I don’t know what premise FL is using for testing.


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