Jim Gaffe-igan

From The Week:

Jim Gaffigan evidently thought President Trump’s Republican National Convention address was beyond the pale, and it inspired one heck of a tweetstorm.

The comedian on Thursday night fired off nearly 20 tweets, plus several more replies, ripping into Trump as a “traitor,” a “con man,” a “criminal,” and a “fascist who has no belief in law” while repeatedly asking his followers to “wake up” and writing that “if Trump gets re-elected it’s over.”

Gaffigan has criticized Trump before, but this particular rant was still a sight to beyond given that he generally tends not to delve into politics, not to mention profanity. But the comedian was quick to shoot down those “a–hole trolls” in his mentions recommending he keep it that way, saying in one tweet, “to those of you who think I’m destroying my career wake up. If Trump gets elected, the economy will never come back.”

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