George and Ellen

Social media is abuzz this week over footage of President George W. Bush sitting next to Ellen DeGeneres at the Cowboy’s game over the weekend, talking and laughing together like it was completely normal. This was too much for some of her fans, who expressed shock and outrage.

In response to criticism on social media, Ellen spoke about it on her show:

This monologue did earn praise from the right and the some on the left. Ellen’s response even won the support of a few Hollywood celebrities… but not all of them. In fact, many on the left seemed unable to understand the basic concept of human decency, or that idea that people who don’t agree politically can still be cordial to each other… even friends.

It’s sad to think that there are people out there who feel compelled to believe the worst of people they disagree with in order to justify their own hatred. George W. Bush is actually a great example of someone who was reviled by the left while he was in office, but has seen his favorability numbers skyrocket since leaving the White House. There’s a lesson there.

The United States has been ripping itself apart politically for years now. We need to learn to get along again.

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