Democrat Debates

I used to never watch Democrat debates because I knew I wasn’t going to vote Democrat anyway and why torture myself? I do now, because I have to. As painful the experience can be, they do give you valuable insight into how extreme and angry the party has become. But aside from their policies, I couldn’t help noticing how none of the 2020 Democrats dared to call Biden out his son’s $50,000/month job on the board of a Ukrainian energy company while he was vice-president despite being unqualified. There’s also the little problem of Joe Biden bragging (on video) of getting the prosecutor investigating that company fired and withholding a $1 billion U.S. loan to Ukraine in order to get that done.

Bernie Sanders had an opportunity to address the issue right after Biden did and chose not to. Later on, Cory Booker said of Biden being asked about Ukraine, “That was so offensive. He should not have to defend himself.”


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