Bad Joke

Greta Thunberg may not have won the Nobel Peace Prize, but she’s still making headlines and “inspiring” kids to walk out of school (I guess) and maintain relevance while the world has moved on to other issues.

Meanwhile, “Joker” is dominating at the box office.

Joker earned another $7 million on Tuesday, down 50% from its previous $13.9 million Thursday gross and down 16% from yesterday’s (Columbus Day-inflated) Monday gross. That brings the film’s domestic total to $208.936 million, putting it past the domestic total ($207 million) of It Chapter Two. So, yeah, Joker is now Warner Bros.’ biggest-grossing domestic and worldwide earner of the year. And if it maintained the 35.4/64.6 domestic/overseas split it had on Sunday, then it has earned around $590 million worldwide.

I’ll probably wait for “Joker” to be available on streaming before seeing it. I just hope by the time it is available that Greta Thunberg will just be an old memory. And to be honest, she probably will. The radical left always finds a new child to exploit to promote their causes.

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