Innocent Victims

Illinois’ largest public school district is on the cusp of implementing a policy that would allow students unrestricted access to bathroom and locker room facilities based on their “gender identity” and not their biological sex.

Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute explains what “unrestricted access” means here, and why this is a huge problem.

Unrestricted access means that if girls in girls’ locker rooms are permitted to be in their underwear or fully nude, so too is a biological boy who pretends to be a girl permitted to be in his underwear or fully nude in the girls’ locker room. And a biological boy who is permitted unrestricted access to the girls’ locker room is also permitted to be anywhere in the locker room when girls are changing into swimsuits. Whether any particular boy chooses to partially undress, fully undress, or be in the area where girls are changing into swimsuits is irrelevant. It’s the principle that matters.

According to OneNewsNow, “In 2016, a boy identifying as a girl sued the district for access to the girls’ facilities. Though school officials relented to his perceived identity, they refused to give him the unrestricted access he sought.”

Laurie Higgins told OneNewsNow that she doesn’t believe school administrators actually want boys in girls’ locker rooms or vice versa, “but what they care more about is lawsuits.”

Many parents are upset about the proposed policy and have told the school board that their kids are not comfortable undressing in front of the opposite sex—but the school board and the ACLU are pushing hard to implement the policy over the safety and privacy of teenage girls.

The board may be voting on the proposal on November 14.

Transgender ideology is harmful and particularly dangerous to women and girls. This one school district is not unique. It’s happening all over the country where biological boys are being given access to girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and even sports teams, and anyone who speaks out against these policies is deemed a bigot for daring to think that young girls would actually have a problem with undressing in front boys. These girls are the innocent victims of these dangerous policies. They don’t deserve to lose their dignity and sense of safety because of political correctness.

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